Feeds & Such
Land O' Lakes Purina Mills® has been committed
to quality nutrition for animals for over 100 years.  
Their Dedicated team and research facilities work
together to create winning nutrition and marketplace
value.  No other national brand has invested more
time in research and understanding the needs of their
customers and their animals.  The evidence can be
seen in such products as
Exclusive™ brand pet food
Strategy™ for horses.    
Farmers and stock men alike, in Wilson
and surrounding counties, have traded at
P.L. Woodard & Company for over 100
years. Today, the owners and employees
maintain the same level of service,
quality and value for their customers.  
The company proudly represents
®, Nutrena®, and Progressive
®.  Each of these major brands
has developed specific formulas for large
and small animals alike.  At P.L.
Woodard we can feed just about anything
and we are always happy to special
order products that are not currently
kept in inventory .
Nutrena® Feeds has also been in business for a long
time.  They continue to expand the label by coming
up with new brands.  
Safe Choice™ is Nutrena's®
answer to the new low starch concept.  They have
also begun manufacturing
Acco® feeds
Showmaster® Series.  These feeds have proven to
be very popular with livestock showmen and women,
producing animals that continuously win in the show
Need a feed scoop
to get the food out
of the bag? Or how
about a heavy duty
nylon halter?  You
can find numerous
pet and livestock
necessities at:
P.L. Woodard & Company   
Satisfied customers and happy animals are
our goal.

P.L. Woodard & Company
108-110 East Barnes Street
Downtown Wilson
Email Us  plwwodard@
PMI Nutrition® products are offered strictly
through select Professional Animal Feed
Dealers who specialize in the care and
feeding of dogs and cats. We invest our
research and marketing funds into
improved quality instead of national
advertising. This allows us to offer you
superior nutritional diets at a lower cost
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